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Cultural Studies

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In Search of Admiration and Respect

Chinese Cultural Diplomacy in the United States, 1875–1974

Reframes China's cultural diplomacy by using the emergence of the China Institute in America and the Chinese Nationalist government

Opera for Everyone

The Industry's Experiments with American Opera in the Digital Age

How one opera company represents the economic precarity and aesthetic possibilities of operatic performance in the twenty-first century U.S.

The Creativity Complex

Art, Tech, and the Seduction of an Idea

How notions of creativity have evolved to serve the goals of neoliberalism—and what we can do about it

Ethnic Drag

Performing Race, Nation, Sexuality in West Germany

An exploration of the West German attempt to repress and refashion concepts of "race" after the Holocaust

The Global White Snake

Tracing the history and adaptation of one of China’s foundational texts

Resisting Spirits

Drama Reform and Cultural Transformation in the People’s Republic of China

Even amidst the Maoist era’s politicized cultural production, culture workers continued to adapt traditional theatre to create bold new statements

Resisting Spirits

Drama Reform and Cultural Transformation in the People's Republic of China

Even amidst the Maoist era’s politicized cultural production, culture workers continued to adapt traditional theatre to create bold new statements

The Passions of Peter Sellars

Staging the Music

Tracing the legendary career of Peter Sellars through his visually rich opera productions


Classical Theater and Broken Memory

Theorizing the effects of memory, absence, and disappearance in classical theater—the aesthetics of ruins

Textures of Mourning

Calligraphy, Mortality, and The Tale of Genji Scrolls

Unfolds the intimate relationship between mourning, writing, reading, painting, and viewing, through The Tale of Genji and its legacy

Immersions in Cultural Difference

Tourism, War, Performance

How immersive simulations—from a fictional border-crossing site to a mock terrorist training camp—attempt to foster understanding across cultures

Performance, Transparency, and the Cultures of Surveillance

Examines the pervasive presence of surveillance and how surveillance technologies alter the performance of everyday life

Performing the Intercultural City

Explores how theater in Toronto, the world’s most multicultural city, vibrantly reflects its diversity and cultural makeup

The Sixties, Center Stage

Mainstream and Popular Performances in a Turbulent Decade

Challenges the notion that the theater of the 1960s falls neatly into two categories, mainstream or experimental

Discipline and Desire

Surveillance Technologies in Performance

Focuses on how contemporary artists have responded to the ubiquitous presence of surveillance technologies in our daily lives

Reckoning with Spirit in the Paradigm of Performance

Reveals what might be gained by taking spirituality seriously as a constituent aspect of performance 

Vanguard Performance Beyond Left and Right

Explores the complex relationship between avant-garde art and politics to reveal links with right-wing or fascist causes

After Live

Possibility, Potentiality, and the Future of Performance

An exploration of how live events—theater, dance, and installation art—stage encounters between the present and a radically ambivalent future

Evita, Inevitably

Performing Argentina's Female Icons Before and After Eva Perón

Examines Argentina’s most iconic female figures, from saints to pop singers, politicians to anarchists

Animal Acts

Performing Species Today

Encounters between the species in an anthology of lively solo performances and commentary

The San Francisco Mime Troupe Reader

Celebrates the San Francisco Mime Troupe with scripts representative of the troupe's work

Cultural Struggles

Performance, Ethnography, Praxis

Gathers the essential essays of Dwight Conquergood, performance studies scholar, ethnographer, and activist

Sensational Devotion

Evangelical Performance in Twenty-First-Century America

How evangelical theme parks, museums, and other performance sites both reflect and create religious belief

Performing Queer Latinidad

Dance, Sexuality, Politics

The place of performance in unifying an urban LGBT population of diverse Latin American descent

Acts of Gaiety

LGBT Performance and the Politics of Pleasure

The importance of pleasure, humor, and frivolity in shaping LGBT lives and activism