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Cultural Studies

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Working Time

Essays on Poetry, Culture, and Travel

Essays that explore literature, art, and contemporary culture and their connections to time and place

From the Valley of Bronze Camels

A Primer, Some Lectures, & A Boondoggle on Poetry

"What makes art 'modern' and what does 'urgent' mean now?"

American Poetry in Performance

From Walt Whitman to Hip Hop

Performance poetry, identity, and nationality throughout American history

Poetry's Afterlife

Verse in the Digital Age

Poetry lives on in the digital age

Outside the Lines

Talking with Contemporary Gay Poets

The first book to collect the voices of our foremost and most promising gay poets

The Stamp of Class

Reflections on Poetry and Social Class

Thoughtfully investigates the important yet little-heralded topic of the effect of class on the poet's life and work

The Ghost of Meter

Culture and Prosody in American Free Verse

A groundbreaking study of the connections among meter, the poetic unconscious, and wider literary and cultural forces

Re-Entering the Sign

Perspectives on New Russian Culture

Russian artists and critics attest to the cultural changes emerging since the fall of the Soviet Union

A Poetics of Resistance

Women Writing in El Salvador, South Africa, and the United States

A survey of the empowering poetry of politically active women in El Salvador, South Africa, and the United States.