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Cultural Studies

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After Disruption

A Future for Cultural Memory

How we plan for and develop a more just, sustainable, and healthy future for memory infrastructure

Opera for Everyone

The Industry's Experiments with American Opera in the Digital Age

How one opera company represents the economic precarity and aesthetic possibilities of operatic performance in the twenty-first century U.S.

Singing the Land

Hebrew Music and Early Zionism in America

How song shaped American Zionism

Sensing Health

Bodies, Data, and Digital Health Technologies

An exploration of the experience of “health” in the age of the smart watch

Transnational Philippines

Cultural Encounters in Philippine Literature in Spanish

A study of Philippine literary production that attempts to break the nation’s isolation from broader Spanish literature

Seeking a Future for the Past

Space, Power, and Heritage in a Chinese City

An ethnography that illuminates the political economy of urbanization in contemporary China

Cosmopolitan Love

Utopian Vision in D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang

Analyzes the writing of D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang to envision how love crosses cultural boundaries

The Violence of the Letter

Toward a Theory of Writing

The alphabet's devastating consequences for humanity

Ethnic Drag

Performing Race, Nation, Sexuality in West Germany

An exploration of the West German attempt to repress and refashion concepts of "race" after the Holocaust

Facing It

AIDS Diaries and the Death of the Author

Explores the connection between the politics of AIDS writing and the ethics of reading

The Limits to Union

Same-Sex Marriage and the Politics of Civil Rights

Offers a case study of the same-sex marriage debate in Hawaii to discuss wider questions of political import


The Economy of Colonial Desire

Establishes the homosocial dynamics of colonial desire as evidenced in Orientalist narrative

Freudian Slips

Woman, Writing, the Foreign Tongue

A feminist critic provides the first book-length literary exploration of Freud's classic study, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.

Fourth Revolution and the Bottom Four Billion

Making Technologies Work for the Poor

Advanced technology for the Bottom Four Billion

Mortal Kombat

Games of Death

An introduction to one of the world's most iconic fighting games

Cultural Values and Human Ecology in Southeast Asia

Gathers seventeen diverse perspectives on human ecology in Southeast Asia with a conceptual framework—cultural values—designed to bridge social and natural science paradigms

Kafka's Zoopoetics

Beyond the Human-Animal Barrier

Traces the dissolution of the boundary between human and other animals in the work of Franz Kafka and, in doing so, radically revisits interspecies relations

Sites of Translation

What Multilinguals Can Teach Us about Digital Writing and Rhetoric

A groundbreaking study of the inventive intellectual work performed by multilingual communicators who translate information in academic and professional spaces—Winner of the 2016 DRC Book Prize!

Mongrel Nation

Diasporic Culture and the Making of Postcolonial Britain

The first cultural history of African, Asian, and Caribbean immigrants to the United Kingdom from 1948 to the present

Transforming Gender and Emotion

The Butterfly Lovers Story in China and Korea

Illuminates how one folktale serves as a living record of the evolving cultures and relationships of China and Korea

Finding Voice

A Visual Arts Approach to Engaging Social Change

A model for cultural activism and pedagogy through art and community engagement

Cosmopolitanisms and the Jews

The first conceptual history of the development and evolution of the image of Jews and Jewish participation in modern German-speaking cosmopolitanist thought


Strange Science

Investigating the Limits of Knowledge in the Victorian Age

A fascinating look at scientific inquiry during the Victorian period and the shifting boundary between mainstream and unorthodox sciences of the time

Good Vibrations

Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys in Critical Perspective

An international, interdisciplinary exploration of the band that helped define 1960s America

Three-Way Street

Jews, Germans, and the Transnational

Tracing Germany’s significance as an essential crossroads and incubator for modern Jewish culture