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Building Academic Reading Skills teaches the academic reading skills that are most useful for college and university students. Building Academic Reading Skills offers pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading development activities in all units and for each reading within a unit. The 2nd edition features two completely revised units (2 and 5) and other updates.
Because today’s readers need to master a large volume of texts and vocabulary presented in different genres and disciplines, Building Academic Reading Skills is organized by a high-interest topic and features multiple readings from different academic disciplines. Each unit contains one textbook reading and one from another genre because students are increasingly reading newspaper, magazine, journal, and online articles in addition to their textbooks. The readings, while adapted to be accessible to intermediate to high-intermediate students, are not easy. However, through the systematic application of the reading skills, students will be able to understand them and apply the information they learn. Students will gain the satisfaction of having engaged and mastered challenging texts.
The 2nd edition of Book 1 includes the disciplines of cross-cultural communication, environmental science, chemistry, sociology, biology, art, geology, political science, mathematics, business, history, and creative writing.